Moving towards Organizational Agility or going for Digital Transformation?

We manage the change process, from start to finish: strategy and implementation, with a day to day change focus and clear proof about the results.


Strategic consultancy

Our WeChange consultants are experienced seniors who will support your business in challenging the status quo: strategic analysis, implementation support and high level follow up.

  • Culture Scan
  • Change readiness assessment
  • Strategic workshops
  • Employee involvement workshops
  • Storyboard workshops
  • Interviews
  • World cafés
  • Brainstorming
  • Keynotes

Daily support

Our WeChange communication managers can reinforce your change team and work onsite to implement the Change Roadmap: execution, eyes & ears and coordination.

  • Program management
  • Team meetings
  • Day to day follow up
  • Coordination
  • Campaign implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

Training & Coaching

Our WeChange trainers and coaches are seasoned professionals who will customize a development program for change managers, middle and top management.

  • Change Process Management
  • Change leadership
  • Resistance management
  • Psychology of change
  • Change communication
  • People management
  • Strategy implementation

Communication tools

Our WeChange studio supports the change journey with creative communication tools & adapted systems. Easy to work, fast and flexible, hands on when necessary.

  • Internal communication
  • Print and Digital
  • Feedback & chat tools
  • Video
  • Copywriting
  • Intranet support
  • Corporate social networks
  • Monitoring tools
  • E-learning platform


Creating change together

We help you to achieve the best result by using a co-creation model. We work together in an agile way, empower your team and bring best practices inside your organization. Together we create a culture of change.

Focusing on the people side of change

Designing the optimal change solution – the new strategy, structure, business process, or technology – is not a guarantee of success. “Sustained change is always driven by people”, so from the beginning of the change journey, we focus on the people side of change: understand – engage – adopt.

Working with all organizational levels

We believe in the golden triangle: working with top management to define the change, supporting middle management to drive the change and stimulate the employees to embrace the change. Because change happens on 3 different levels and every level has its own specific needs.


Change fails too often. Sometimes the result is not as expected, sometimes there is no result in the expected timeframe.

  1. No sense of urgency
    People are not ready to change things.
  2. No guiding team
    Top management delegates the implementation and does not get involved in the change.
  3. No clear communication about vision and strategy
    The questions required to produce a clear sense of direction are not answered.
  4. No buy-in oriented communication
    Top down communication without involving the people. Lack of simple, heartfelt messages.
  5. No empowerment
    Barriers and obstacles in the paths of the people are not removed.

Our conclusion: most often it fails because the impact on people and culture is not anticipated.


During the years, we’ve “packaged” our project approach into off-the-shelf solutions. We don’t start from scratch, reinventing the wheel is not always necessary. Sometimes, because of urgency or crisis, acting fast and obtaining short-term results is more important.

  • Navigating adoption of MS Office 365
  • From a pyramid-matrix towards a living organisation
  • Leadership in a Great Place To Work
  • Preventing absenteism and burnout
  • Survivor syndrome after layoff and downsizing
  • Growing from start-up to scale-up

About us

WeChange is founded by Murielle De Rouck and Tom Vanderbauwhede. We believe that change often fails because of cultural or people issues. We focus on the people side of change and are not just offering the change strategy but also the change implementation.

Companies choose us because of how we work:

  • Out of the box consultancy approach
  • Partnering with all management layers during implementation
  • Inspiring, creative and targeted communication
  • Client oriented and experienced business professionals only
  • Purposeful and resultdriven

The WeChange methodology goes perfectly together with the most well-known change methodologies available. Whether it is ADKAR from Prosci, 6 batteries from Vlerick, McKinsey’s 7S, Kotter’s 8-step … we can plugin our way of working. Visit our thinking page to find out more.

Our projects are mostly related to organisation structure and design (M&A, upsizing, downsizing, spinout, …), processses and systems (ICT, work processes, quality assurance, ERP, …) and people & culture (new values, customer attitude, organisation culture, performance, …).

Let’s work together

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